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Below are helpful resources producers can use to learn more about updated crop insurance provisions and Title I programs in the 2014 Farm Bill. The tools listed are to aid those making decisions prior to crop insurance and Title I program sign-ups. The information and tools are provided for educational use only and will be updated as additional resources and versions become available.

Base Acre Reallocation & Yield Update
Deadline: March 31, 2015
PLC, ARC-CO or ARC-IC Election
Deadline: March 31, 2015
Annual Enrolloment
Deadline: mid-summer 2015
*Click on each step to learn more in depth what decisions will be made.

Farm Bill Overview

FSA Fact Sheet
– USDA FSA | September 2014
This updated fact sheet provides several examples for each of the following programs and decisions: Base Acre Reallocation, Payment Yield Updates, Supplemental Coverage Option (SCO), Agriculture Risk Coverage (ARC) for both individual and county options, and Price Loss Coverage (PLC).

Farmer Aids – Online Tools to Aid with Decisions

 Agricultural and Food Policy Center | Texas A&M University

1. 2014 Farm Bill Decision Aid Data Collection Form
Use this form to collect the data you will need to use the AFPC  decision aid calculator in #3.

2. These two videos explain details producers should be aware of when inputting their data into the decision aid calculator provided by AFPC. The videos should be viewed prior to accessing the online tool.

3. Decision Aid Calculator final version
Welcome to the Decision Aids Calculator. This site of integrated tools can help producers analyze their options and choices for making decisions between Title I programs (ARC and PLC) and various crop insurance options required in the 2014 Farm Bill. Although the look and feel have changed, any data previously entered into the preliminary version of the calculator are still available from the previous site. If you are new to the site, you can start by REGISTERING. Producers can gather their information (use the 2014 Farm Bill Decision Aid Data Collection Form above in #1), enter their data and analyze their options generated from the tool.

Agriculture Risk Coverage (ARC) or Price Loss Coverage (PLC) Information

ARC or PLC: an example for wheat
– George Knapek (AFPC) and Mark Welch (Extension Economist—Grain Marketing) | April 2014
The example, for a dryland wheat producer, shows how payments under ARC and PLC would differ given one hypothetical set of prices and yields. This example is intended to demonstrate the mechanics of how each program works, better enabling producers to choose between the two programs given their personal expectations related to price, yield, and additional program benefits.

Actual Production History (APH) Information

Supplemental Coverage Option (SCO) Information

SCO is a new county-level insurance program that covers from 86 percent, down to the coverage level of the underlying policy. SCO premiums are subsidized at 65 percent, which should allow growers to secure additional coverage (at the county level) for less premium than traditional policies. SCO is designed to help protect producers from yield and market volatility and covers a portion of losses not covered by the same crop’s underlying policy. SCO is available starting with the 2015 crop year in select counties. See those below:

SCO Crop Insurance Decision Tool
Use the SCO Crop Insurance Decision Tool, from the Risk Management Assocation, to understand how SCO interacts with traditional crop insurance. This tool does not provide an exact quote, but rather generalizes the programs as a first step towards making a purchasing decision. Please consult your crop insurance agent for detailed information specific to your operation.

Conservation Program Guides

The 2014 Farm Bill consolidates and streamlines key conservation programs offered by the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS). See below for information on the following programs: Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP), Conservation Stewardship Program, new Agricultural Conservation Easement Program (ACEP), and the new Regional Conservation Partnership Program (RCPP).

Interim Rule Summary

2014 Farm Bill Interim Rule Summary
-Risk Management Agency (RMA) | July 2014
The interim rule allows USDA to move forward with a series of crop insurance provisions in the 2014 Farm Bill. Further details are included for Beginning Farmers/Ranchers, Conservation Compliance, APH Adjustments, Enterprise Units, Coverage Levels by Practice and Correction of Errors. Each provision also includes expected implementation dates.