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2017 Variety Trials

2017 Hard Wheat Characteristics
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2016 Variety Trials

2016 Hard Wheat Characteristics
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2016 Spring Wheat Characteristics

2015 Variety Trials

2015 Texas Regional Summaries
2015 Hard Wheat Variety Characteristics
2015 Soft Wheat Variety Characteristics
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McLennan County Variety Trial Results:


AgriPro-Syngenta: Wheat and Triticale for the Southern Plains


Certified Seed Directory

The list of growers include those who have made application for inspection under the seed certification program. The majority of these growers have had several years of experience in the production of seed under the certification program.

All Foundation seed is labeled with a label printed on white background, all Registered seed is labeled with a label printed on a purple background and all Certified seed is labeled with a label printed on a blue background. In addition to the information as to the variety and the name of the producer, all labels bear the imprint of the state seal of Texas. ONLY SUCH LABELS ARE OFFICIAL.

Certified seed (C)
Registered seed (R)
Foundation seed (F)

Varieties are also marked by asterisks to represent their status within the Plant Variety Protection Act. They signify the following:

* This variety is protected by the United States Plant Variety Protection Act. Must have consent of owner for propagation.
** This variety is protected by Title V of the Federal Seed Act. Unauthorized Propagation Prohibited – To Be Sold By Variety Name Only as a Class of Certified Seed – U.S. Protected Variety.