Kimberly Cantrell, Texas Wheat Intern

Food Evolution, a documentary set to be released on June 29, aims to sway public opinion on genetically modified organisms (GMOs) using scientific evidence and first-hand accounts of the use and production of GMOs from farmers around the world. Masterful filmography by Oscar-nominated documentarian Scott Kennedy, with narration by popular scientist and film narrator Neil deGrasse Tyson, creates a powerful film that uses personal stories from a diverse set of producers to entice viewers, while instilling scientific knowledge of GMOs and their benefits to the world’s food supply.

In today’s society, consumers are plagued with anti-GMO sentiments from multiple media sources. GMOs, and the farmers that grow them, are under attack from blogs to mainstream media channels. In this anti-GMO landscape, biased media professionals use opinion based information, rather than scientific fact to dissuade consumers from including GMO products in their diets.

However, the filmmakers of the Food Evolution use emotional imagery backed by scientific knowledge to provide consumers with scientifically based knowledge on GMOs so they can make informed decisions about their food consumption habits.

Food Evolution will be released in select theaters across the nation from June 29 to July 12. Private screenings can also be requested from the film’s website.

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