The Texas Wheat Producers Board is continually developing educational programs for youth, consumers and producer alike. The board attends several youth programs where they highlight the development, use and importance of wheat and wheat-related products. The board also supports the development and utilization of materials produced by the Wheat Foods Council emphasizing the importance of wheat in a balanced, healthy diet.

In the new age of consumer awareness, education is becoming increasingly important and through programs such as The Hand That Feeds U.S. and How Wheat Works the board is seeking to promote wheat consumption.


The Hand That Feeds U.S.

HTFU is targeted directly to mainstream media outlets. The initiative includes editorial board visits, farm tours and weekly targeted e-mail campaigns for metropolitan newspapers.

Wheat Foods Council

The Wheat Foods Council is an industry-wide partnership dedicated to increasing wheat and other grain foods consumption through nutrition information, education, research and promotional programs.  In 2010 the council released the popular How Wheat Works program to provide online wheat-based education for children.