The Texas Wheat Producers Board is continually developing educational programs for youth with the help of local and national organizations. The board attends several youth programs throughout the year, where they highlight the development, use and importance of wheat and wheat-related products. The board also supports the development and utilization of materials produced by the Wheat Foods Council and Home Baking Association emphasizing the importance of wheat in a healthy diet.

Initiatives like the Center for Nutrition and Athletics and EatWheat.Org promote research and farmer narratives in order to allow consumers to access the most accurate information about the production and nutrition of wheat. 

Wheat Foods Council

The Wheat Foods Council is an industry-wide partnership dedicated to increasing wheat and other grain foods consumption through nutrition information, education, research and promotional programs.  The council uses resources like Wheat Foods University to educate consumers, registered dietitians and personal trainers. 

Home Baking Association

The Home Baking Association is a far-reaching organization that provides recipes, lesson plans, activities and other resources in order to increase home baking. By promoting material from industry partners, including Texas Wheat, the Home Baking Association is able to provide home baking educators, Family and Consumer Sciences teachers and other groups with the most accurate nutritional information.