Step 1: Base Reallocation & Yield UpdateDeadline: now through March 31, 2015
Base Acres - may reallocate all or none; cannot choose to update only a portion of the base acres on each FSA farm #

Option 1: Retain the farm's 2013 base acres
Option 2: Reallocate base acres (excluding cotton bases)

Reallocation will redistribute the farm's base acres based on the proportion each covered commodity was planted or considered planted during the years of 2009-2012. This would allow the base acres to more accurately reflect the # of acres each crop was actually planted during the 4-year time frame.
Crop Yields - chance to update yields on a crop-by-crop basis

Option 1: Retain current CC yields for all crops
Option 2: Update the CC yield for each crop (excluding cotton yield)

Producers have the opportunity to update their payment yields to 90% of the 2008-2012 crop year averages. This excludes years of zero planting.
• Under planting or over planting does not affect the amount of base.

• Total # of base acres on a farm cannot increase with reallocation.
• If a producer's yield is below 75% of the county average yield or the yield is missing or unavailable, 75% of the county average yield will be substituted for that year's yield.
The owner(s) of the farm make(s) the base reallocation decision. The decision will stay with the farm for the life of the farm bill regardless of who the tenant is from year-to-year. The owner(s) of the farm make(s) the yield update decision. The decision is on a crop-by-crop basis for the farm. The owner(s) may choose to update the yield for one crop on the farm and choose to retain the CC yield for another crop on the farm.

STEP 2 – PLC, ARC-CO- or ARC-IC Election | Deadline: March 31, 2015