The new wheat disease notification tool, developed by the AgriLife Research Plant Pathology Program in Amarillo, is offered to alert producers to the detection of wheat viruses during the growing season or to the onset of disease epidemics throughout the Texas Panhandle. Diseases include the mite-transmitted wheat streak mosaic virus, triticum mosaic virus and High Plains virus, and aphid-transmitted barley yellow dwarf virus.

By signing up in the form below, an alert email will be sent to members on the wheat virus email list when wheat viral diseases are identified within individual counties. The alert will include a website link containing information on counties and dates where the viral diseases have been identified, with diagnostics and visual identification information, and management options.

Information in the sign up form will not be disclosed and will be sent directly to Jacob Price with the AgriLife Research Plant Pathology Program in Amarillo. For additional information on the alert system, contact Price at 806-677-5600 or

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